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* Our Rewards Program

YORK Search Group recruiting methods represent the next generation in talent acquisition. Our Referral Rewards Program is another innovation which advances our recruitment capabilities and rewards participants for their referrals. YORK Search Group's professional recruiters are just that: Professional; we never reveal the source of our referral and always maintain COMPLETE PRIVACY in our relations with both referred talent and our referees.

Our Referral Reward Program is simple. YORK Search Group will pay you a reward for referrals which result in a placement of a candidate with one of our clients.

We have two simple criteria:
1) The referral must be for someone we do not know or who have not spoken with for over six months
2) We only accept one referee per referral

We offer a reward of up to $2,500 (CDN) for any qualified candidate referral you provide us who is placed by us at one of our clients within six (6) months of your referral.

Referrals can be presently working in Canada, the United States or overseas. Typically, we require candidates with over 10 years experience in their chosen field and the ability to relocate to Canada.

We accept engineering and construction referrals with experience in the following sectors:

  • Engineering and Design: Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Civil, Structural, Process/Chemical, Metallurgy
  • Construction: Superintendents, Estimators, Project Coordinators, Project Managers and Construction Managers
  • Mining: Mine Managers, Mine Supers, Mine Foreman, Geotechnical Engineers, Tailings Specialists, Resource Geologists

We will notify you within 24 hours to acknowledge your referral and confirm that it meets the above criteria. We maintain records of all referrals in case of any dispute.

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* Our Approach

Our search process involves traditional "headhunting" methods, such as telesourcing, searches and advertising. But our best method for finding new talent starts with the talent we already know.