YORK Search Group


Our search process involves traditional "headhunting" methods, such as telesourcing, searches and advertising. But our best method for finding new talent starts with the talent we already know.

We ask top performers to name the two best engineers or designers they know. It doesn't matter whether they're looking for a new job – we want to know who the stars are. And while it's our job to keep our clients up to date on the best talent in their industry, we'll only recommend a move when the timing is right on both sides.

So, if you get our call, don't be shy – brag a little. Tell us what you can do and why you're special. You never know, there may be a time when we help you make the next step in your career.

* Our Rewards Program

We want the best, so we're asking the best. Recommend someone you think would be an excellent candidate for us – if we place your referral, we'll pay you a reward.

All submissions are strictly confidential.