YORK Search Group


Our search process involves traditional "headhunting" methods, such as telesourcing, searches and advertising. But our best method for finding new talent starts with the talent we already know.

Over the past years, YORK Search Group has built up an extensive database of personnel in our verticals of Nuclear Energy, Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas, Mining, EPCM and Construction/Development. It is this database which we turn to as a first step in any search we conduct. However, we have learned that you never know from where your next great employee will come. As such, we also advertise extensively and as a testament to our investment in advertising, we are a "featured employer" on Indeed. We are also blessed with hundreds of satisfied placements and clients who provide outstanding referrals to benefit our clients.

Our experienced Recruiters are trained to screen candidates as if we were hiring them for our own operations (and most times we are - we are the employer for all of our Contract placements). We screen for technical ability, attitude, experience, and overall fit for our client and candidate. Each hire is approved by our leadership team - no one is hired by our company and placed at a client without the final approval of one of our principals. It is this quality-control which sets us apart and which our clients value.

Once you are working as a Contractor on assignment with one of our Clients, you will be supported by our entire team. We pride ourselves by providing individual attention to timely payments, expense reimbursements, schedule and all other matters related to your placement. You’ve entrusted us with your livelihoods and by extension you and your family’s well-being and we take that responsibility seriously.

* Our Rewards Program

We want the best, so we're asking the best. Recommend someone you think would be an excellent candidate for us – if we place your referral, we'll pay you a reward.

All submissions are strictly confidential.